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4 Key Signs of Enamel Erosion and Acid Wear and How to Prevent It

Enamel wear is a growing concern for Adelaide residents, writes Dentist Stephen Dunstone.

Your own tooth enamel could be at risk without your being aware of it.

Here are four signs that your need to take action to protect your teeth and avoid enamel erosion.

1. Sensitive Teeth

Your enamel layer is very hard and designed to protect the sensitive inner portion of your teeth. When the outer layer is slowly dissolved by acid exposure, all those nerve endings in your tooth have less insulation between them and extreme temperatures.

If it’s getting harder for you to enjoy an icy cold drink or a toasty cup of coffee, your teeth might be telling you that their protective enamel layer is disappearing.

2. Teeth Are Looking More Yellow

Remember that sensitive inner layer we mentioned above?

That’s called the dentin. It is naturally a dark yellow color. The overlying enamel is transparent but helps to lighten tooth color. When the enamel is lost, all that yellowness shows through.

3. Tooth Edges Appearing More Transparent

Enamel is very tough but also very thin. When it wears down, it becomes even more clear in color. Layers of enamel around the edges of teeth become even more sheer. It’s a lot like ice – a thick layer of ice on a pond or lake looks obscure and blue or gray in color. Thinner ice is almost invisible.

If your teeth have glassy edges, then the enamel is probably thinning out at an alarming rate.

4. Your Teeth Look Worn

Flattened or stubby teeth are a sure sign that your teeth are being worn down. In this case, your teeth are more likely being ground away by mechanical activity than acidic activity. Worn teeth could indicate that you have a habit of grinding or clenching them.

Protection for Tooth Enamel in South Adelaide

Tooth enamel is amazingly harder than steel but surprisingly more brittle. If it’s protected, enamel will last a lifetime. It can be reinforced, but can never grow back.

Protect your enamel from the daily bombardment of acids which can gradually weaken teeth. Dr Dunstone will help you identify harmful sources of acid (like citrus juice) in your diet that could be wearing down this protective layer of your teeth.

Visit South Beach Dental to have your tooth enamel layer examined. We will also make recommendations for strengthening your enamel with the right dental products. If you have some severely compromised areas, Dr Dunstone can help you restore them to improve your smile.

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