The Dental Team


Dr. Stephen Dunstone

B.Sc. Dip.App.Psych. Grad Dip.Psych.Prac. B.D.S.

As a leading dental expert with an extensive background in psychology, Dr Stephen Dunstone is both a highly skilled technician and empathic support for his patients.

Areas of specialty:

Crowns, veneers, bridges

Single visit root canal treatment


Wisdom tooth extraction

Orthodontics, Truline and Fastbraces

Joint and facial pain

Periodontal or gum disease

Bad breath

General dentistry

With more than 30 years of experience, Stephen prides himself on maintaining the highest standards and being at the forefront of modern dentistry, which includes use of the latest techniques and equipment.

Much of Stephen’s focus is on providing a comfortable and pain free experience for his patients, and as a qualified psychologist, he has a unique insight into the emotions that many people face when visiting the dentist. As a result, he has had success with many patients suffering from dental phobia.

Patients are reassured by Stephen’s thoughtful approach and clear communication, and his commitment to their overall dental health.

With his extensive and broad knowledge, Stephen can take care of most dental needs at his practice in southern Adelaide, including the repair of worn and damaged teeth as well as cosmetic treatments.

He calls on knowledge gained from a diverse professional life, which has included 33 years of dental practice in both Australia and England, a stint as a Dentistry Lecturer and 12 years as a Registered Psychologist. He is a published author in referred journals of three articles concerning the dentist-patient relationship and social, cultural and gender integration of dental students at University.

As his academic history demonstrates, Stephen has an inquisitive mind and a thirst for learning. He is committed to ongoing Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses, where he annually completes more than double the official requirement.

His worldview is broadened further as a grandfather to three children, and keen golfer, which enables him to keep fit and develop relationships with people from different walks of life.

Personalised Dental Care

Your teeth are important to your health, your appearance and your self-confidence. Our team of dental professionals spend time with each patient finding out what matters to you and the dental care that you really need.

Our team is enthusiastic about dentistry, interacting with our patients, and ensuring we can offer the latest dental treatments and technologies.

We are dedicated to providing healthy, aesthetic smiles and we focus on improving the quality, function, and appearance of your teeth – and ensuring that you teeth and our dental care lasts a lifetime.

We aim to meet every patient’s needs by offering a variety of general and advanced dental treatments. We are a warm and friendly team and we ensure that you are comfortable, pain free and safe.

General Dentistry, Cosmetic Dental Treatments and Orthodontics

Cosmetic Dentistry | Teeth whitening | Dental implants | Pediatric dentistry | Teeth cleaning | Orthodontics | Veneers | Tooth repairs

Financial plans, special appointments and dental care options are individually customised for you.