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Does My Child Need a Filling?

Dentist Stephen Dunstone discusses one of the most common questions parents have about their kids’ dental health.

Is Your Child Due for a Filling?

Perhaps your son or daughter has complained about a sore tooth. You might even have noticed a strange dark stain on one of their teeth. These are fairly sure signs of a cavity.

If the cavity is on an adult tooth, Dr. Dunstone will need to treat it. Baby teeth, however, are a different story.

Your child’s first set of teeth is very important to helping him or her eat, talk, and smile with ease. They also play an important role in saving spaces for the adult teeth to come. Being that these teeth are temporary, it’s not always necessary to fill them. There’s little point in doing so if the tooth will fall out within the next few months.

When you visit an experienced dentist to have your child’s tooth evaluated, you’ll learn then whether or not a filling is necessary.

Why Kids Need Fillings

If baby teeth are temporary, why bother filling one, at all?

Let’s say that your child’s tooth isn’t due to fall out for another year or two. The decay in that tooth can cause an abscess that will damage the adult tooth developing underneath it.

Leaving an actively decaying tooth untreated allows the cavity bacteria to spread to other teeth and infect them, as well.

Perhaps most important is the point that having a cavity can put your child in a lot of pain. If the decay has reached a point where your little one can’t eat comfortably and is even losing sleep, then something has to be done.

In the meantime, you can do much to prevent decay by keeping your kids’ smiles clean and strong. Regular brushing, flossing and fluoride rinse could help lower your child’s cavity risk. At your next dental visit, the answer to the question ‘does your child need a filling’ could be ‘absolutely not!’

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