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How Are Dental Veneers Made?

After hearing so much about how dental veneers can revolutionise your smile, you want to know how they work.

A dental veneer is a slim wafer of porcelain, ceramic or even plastic that fits snugly against the front of a tooth. It doesn’t stay on by magic. That’s why Dr. Stephen Dunstone uses a trusted process to make a veneer stick to your tooth.

The Story Behind Dental Veneers

Because veneers are so thin and delicate, you’ll barely realise they are there. However, if they were simply stuck over the front of your tooth, you would certainly notice.

Even a fraction of a millimetre is hard to ignore when it’s added to the enamel you already have. Your teeth would feel quite bulky!

That’s why it’s necessary to remove a very shallow layer of enamel from off the front of whichever tooth is getting the veneer. However much enamel is removed is the amount the veneer will replace.¬†

Veneer are meant to feel as natural as they look.

Types Of Dental Veneers

At South Beach Dental, we work with five kinds of veneers. Which kind you get will be determined by what suits your smile the best.

  • Dental surgery designed composite resin
  • Laboratory designed composite resin
  • Pre-formed acrylic with no preparation of the teeth
  • Lithium glass (Emax) with preparation of the teeth
  • Lithium glass (Emax) no preparation of the teeth

As the name implies, no preparation veneers are ones that do slip right over your teeth without removing any enamel. There are pros and cons to each type, so make sure to discuss your options with Dr. Dunstone before you decide.

The most common veneers used at South Beach Dental are Emax Veneers. These veneers are made of lithium disilicate glass which gives them a very natural look. They are very thin, at just 0.3mm. Additionally, these veneers don’t usually require too much enamel to be removed.

Getting Dental Veneers: What To Expect

What happens once you decide to improve your smile with veneers?

Your experience at South Beach Dental may look something like this:

First visit: Consult with Dr. Dunstone to create a plan that will help you reach your goal look for your smile. Talk about the benefits of veneers and what kind of results to hope for. Schedule your treatment.

Second visit: Have your teeth trimmed so that they can fit veneers. After preparing your teeth, the dentist will take an impression or two to design the veneers with. You’ll go home with temporary covers for your teeth. A skilled dental technician designs your final veneers.

Third visit: The temporary veneers will be taken off and the real ones tried on. If you like the look, Dr. Dunstone cements them into place.

Naturally, these appointments won’t be the same for everyone because everybody has different smile needs.

In fact, this process may change up a bit depending on which kind of dental veneer you choose.

Are Veneers In Your Future?

To find out whether dental veneers are right for you, schedule a no obligation meeting with Dr. Stephen Dunstone. He will help you determine your smile needs and prioritise a plan for making changes.

South Beach Dental offers an incredible variety of cosmetic smile treatments, including dental veneers.

Contact our office to schedule a consultation. You can also reach us at (08) 8384 4872.

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