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How Long Do Veneers Last and How Do I Look After Them?

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Whether you just got some new veneers or are thinking about getting them, you want to know how long they will last. After all, dental veneers are a valuable investment you make in your smile. Let’s discuss how to get your money’s worth out of your veneers.

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How Much Do Dental Veneers Cost?

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Are you wondering how much dental veneers cost? Lots of people are thinking about getting veneers, these days. With cosmetic dentistry becoming increasingly more popular, it’s important to keep your mind open to the possibility of enhancing your smile. If your teeth qualify for dental veneers, then you’ll want to start planning for the cost, […]

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Do I Need Veneers?

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Why are all the famous movie stars blessed with such stunningly white smiles? Dr. Stephen Dunstone explains their secret and how it could help you, too. Also find out how you can trial the veneers look, for free!

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How Are Dental Veneers Made?

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After hearing so much about how dental veneers can revolutionise your smile, you want to know how they work. A dental veneer is a slim wafer of porcelain, ceramic or even plastic that fits snugly against the front of a tooth. It doesn’t stay on by magic. That’s why Dr. Stephen Dunstone uses a trusted […]

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How Do I Cure My Toothache?

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Nearly since the beginning of civilisation humans have been searching for ways to treat the toothache. Treatments have included everything from chewing on plants to completely removing the tooth. South Adelaide dentist Dr Stephen Dunstone offers these tips for you to find relief at home.

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