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Emergency Dental Issues: What to do in a Crisis!

emergency dental south adelaide

Are you prepared for an emergency? Dental care can be intimidating, but a dental emergency is even scarier. There are steps you can take to handle a dental emergency, writes Adelaide dentist Stephen Dunstone. With some careful planning, you can treat your emergencies successfully.

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Do I Need My Wisdom Teeth Out?


Wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, can be tricky. Should yours be extracted? Adelaide dentist Dr Stephen Dunstone discusses the signs that your wisdom teeth are ready for removal.

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How Your Dentist Can Help You Stop Snoring

stop snoring dentist south adelaide

Can a dentist really help you stop snoring? The role of a dentist goes further than your teeth, writes Adelaide dentist Dr Stephen Dunstone. Snoring is so annoying! The truth about snoring is that if you suffer from it, you’re probably not the person being annoyed by it. At South Beach Dental, we can set […]

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The Advantages of Single Visit Root Canal Treatment

Modern dental tools and dental equipment make this your best dentist option

Let’s face it, root canals are no fun. Even so, a root canal procedure could be essential to the life of your tooth. At South Beach Dental, we believe that you should get the full benefits (and more) of a root canal procedure in as little time as possible. Why Do You Need a Root […]

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Overcoming Fear and Anxiety at the Dentist

Emergency Dentist available for dental treatment

Do you avoid dental treatment? Don’t be ashamed – a lot of people are very anxious about dental care. You deserve the treatment you need but what you don’t need is unnecessary stress. Why People Fear the Dentist Dental fear comes in a spectrum that ranges from mild anxiety to dental phobia. Some of the reasons […]

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How to Improve Your Smile

improve your smile dentist south adelaide

Are you happy with your smile? It’s a question worth asking yourself. That’s because it doesn’t take much to make your smile look a little off. And it could be a surprisingly simple fix. The way you feel about your smile could be more important than you realised. How Your Smile Affects Your Life Is […]

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