A crown is a tooth shaped cover which fits over the existing structure of your natural tooth to protect and restore the tooth’s function.

Crowns can be used to –

  • Strengthen teeth which have been weakened by decay or a large filling.
  • Protect fractured, cracked and worn teeth.
  • Improve the shape, alignment and shade of a tooth.
  • After root canal treatment, to help strengthen the tooth.

Each crown is individually handcrafted by our dental technician to create a healthy, natural look.

Modern crowns for the front teeth are now made from lithium disilicate glass which is called Emax and the advantage of this material is that it is translucent and appears almost exactly as a natural tooth unlike the previous generation of porcelain crowns which often had an opaque unnatural appearance. A further advantage of this material is that it is four times stronger than porcelain.

Modern crowns for the back teeth are now made from extremely strong zirconium which is 10 times stronger than porcelain and we’re happy to provide you with a 10 year written guarantee.