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What is the Difference Between a Bridge and a Crown?

Are you using the terms ‘dental bridge’ and ‘dental crown’ interchangeably? There’s actually a very big difference, explains Dr. Stephen Dunstone.

Both of these are durable restorations that help give your smile the beauty and function it may have lost.

Cap a Single Tooth

Dental crowns (also called caps) are single-tooth restorations. In modern dentistry we now use crowns made from Zirconium which is ten times stronger than porcelain and is so strong that they are now guaranteed against breakage for life. Zirconium is related to titanium but can be made to be translucent like a tooth. You may remember Cubic Zirconium being used as imitation diamond stones in jewellery.

You’ll take care of your crown just as you take care of your other teeth. Regular brushing and flossing will keep the restoration strong for years to come.

Bridge the Gap

What, then, is a dental bridge?

A bridge actually involves at least two dental crowns. These crowns will go on the teeth that are on either side of a gap in your smile. Between the crowns, a false tooth is suspended over the empty space.

You might choose to get a bridge to replace one missing tooth and preserve the spacing of the teeth you have left. This is a fixed alternative to a removable partial denture. Bridges are ideal when one or both of those teeth around the gap need restorative work.

Bridges do have a couple of setbacks. For one thing, getting a bridge could mean trimming down two perfectly healthy teeth to support it. Additionally, cleaning under a dental bridge can be quite the chore.

Should You Get a Crown or Bridge?

To restore just one tooth, a crown should be all you need. If you have to replace a missing tooth or two, then a bridge is a good option. That’s really the only difference between a bridge and a crown!

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